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Meals, absolutely fantastic. Top class service and very friendly and welcoming.

–Maria Jenkins,
Cheshire, U.K.
July 2009

Excellent hospitality, authentic Indian food and vegetarian (South Indian) breakfast!! Great beds to sleep on. You can expect all of IT professionals to swarm your place. Good luck!

–Venu, Kalyani & Vishnu,
St. Albans, U.K.
August 2009

We had a wonderful time. Very enjoyable and lovely memories will follow. Lots of love to the entire family, including Ricky the labrador. Will recommend to all of our friends.

–Dr Ravi & Dr Gayatri,
Norwich, U.K.
August 2009

Good food, warm athmosphere, home away from home, not to forget the great pongal, Iddlis for breakfast!

–Saraswathy Muniratnam,
KL, Malaysia
July 2009

Fantastic service and excellent food! Great being here.

–Anna Keily,
Stockholm, Sweden
July 2008

Es war wunderschion gier und soviel gastfreundsdhelt!! it was very nice here and have enjoyed it very much! Thank you for being so friendly & welcoming. We will be back.

–Erika Lendegle,
Innsbrock, Austria
August 2008

Thank you very much for a most enjoyable stay. Hope to return soon and again with or without dogs!!

–Less & Yuonne Parry,
Swansea, Wales
August 2008

Absolutely fab. Top marks for the chef!!

–Roy & Jeannie Jones,
Wigan, UK
September 2008

Best Indian couple north of the equator and the best Indian Vegetarian food. Carry on and we will be back.

–L S P Anand & Utta Kumar,
Bielefeld, Germany
July 2008

Best indian food this side of Calcutta. Braw!! Thanks for the receipes. Much appreciated, Kris

–Kris Gravford,
Ayrshire, Scotland
July 2008